Our steam grounds operates fully off of 100% Volunteer work.

To help organize and keep a smooth operation, we have different committee groups that help oversee and assist with all aspects of the grounds and show. These committees are lead by active members who are Chairman leaders of their groups.

Here is a list of the current committees we have:

    • Code Compliance:  Working with the Town of Hopewell for permits, code issues and special events 
    • Grounds Committee: Responsible for mowing, weed removal, maintaining driveways and snow removal 
    • Field Committee: Oversee plowing, wheat harvesting, dirt pile and ride wagons 
    • Equipment Maintenance:  assist with maintaining any show owned equipment that helps run and maintain the grounds.
    • Building Maintenance: Oversee upkeep, painting, bleachers, electrical
    • Garbage: ordering supplies, roll-off, garbage pickup 
    • Security: committee to hire security for show week, and clarify the firm’s responsibilities 
    • Food Committee: Show; to select and meet with Kitchen and food vendors for the show, contracts with vendors, rules, and responsibilities
    • Dinner Committee: club meeting planners for Wednesday nights, general meetings, club supplies
    • Bathroom Committee: cleaning bathrooms, ordering of supplies, work with club on port-a-pots needed 
    • Souvenir Shop: T-shirts, buttons, plaques etc. 
    • Main Gate: Ticket booth setup, supplies, scheduling workers.  Gate watchers?
    • Golf Carts: ordering carts for show, visitor rental agreements, scheduling workers, work with officers and other committee chairs for cart needs during the show (Officers/directors, camping, garbage) 
    • Tractor Pull Committee: oversee all track pulls, track equipment needed, maintenance of all equipment, trophies 
    • Camping Gate: mark campsites, park campers and exhibitors on grounds and overflow.  Engine row setup 
    • Entertainment: Show entertainment such as bands
    • Parking:  oversees and assist with show parking and safety involved with navigating traffic
    • Sawmill:
    • Threshing/Bailing:
    • Model building:
    • Stationery Steam/Steam Building:
    • Traction Engine:
    • Gas Engine Building:
    • Diesel Building:
    • Flea Market: oversees and assist with checking vendors in and getting setup. Ensuring flea market area is maintained during the show.
    • PA System: Assist with audio equipment for the grounds and events such as show announcements at the main office, the parade and pulls speakers.
    • Dust Control: oversee water wagons and assist with keeping the dust down across the grounds during high show volume times.
    • Social Media and Advertising: Show advertising in newspaper and other media. Administrators of Facebook and Internet, including design and content.  Club email address. Assist/oversee all technical support of hardware and software
    • Newsletter: Work with all committees and Directors on collecting news and information to coordinate the clubs mailings and newsletter.
    • Historian: assist with keeping records of the club’s accomplishments and activities throughout the year, and collecting photographs, news articles and other memorabilia important to the club.

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