Golf Cart Rental

We will again be offering Golf Cart Rentals. We would like to emphasize that our intent is to offer this service to our handicapped and elderly visitors who would otherwise not be able to enjoy our entire show.

Daily Rental

  • $50 Security Deposit refundable with return of Cart. See Contract.
  • $10 Per Hour due. Five [5] hours minimum rental.
  • All day – $100
  • No refund for any “unused hours.”

Four-Day Rental

  • Wednesday at 8:00 AM thru Saturday at 6:00 PM
  • Cost $400 plus a mandatory deposit of $200
  • Must pre-register for the Four-Day Rental by July 20th
  • Contact Chairman Barb Johnson at 607-535-2261

Questions? Contact…
Barb Johnson @ 607-535-2261